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Take advantage of the state-of-the-art technologies for your enterprise applications. relying on world-class cloud providers, leader and innovator in terms of security, scalability and performance.

Aeegle Cloud Platform is designed for business that want to embrace Digital transformation while keeping security as a top priority, we take security seriously, therefore ACP implements and follow industry best practices and security standards that today’s businesses need.

ACP runs on top of a serverless architecture where we leverage and rely on Google’s infrastructure to guarantee to be in compliance with the more strict security needs. Everything your application would need, we have you covered:

  • Best security standards for data at rest and in transit
  • Access through Single Sign On (SSO) which enable enterprises to manage users from a single central directory.
  • Data integrity (https, SSL)
  • Daily backups and clusters for replica redundancy
  • Deployment Options: Balance data security concerns and application overhead with flexible deployment options.
  • Integrations: Create data portability by allowing customers to pull data out and push data into your application.
  • Audit Logs: Provide admins with a detailed trail of account activity.
  • Change Management: Empower admins with tools and collateral to roll out features and product changes.
  • SLA and Support: Work in progress. A primer on the basics of enterprise SLA & support requirements.
  • Product Security: Demonstrable application security through best practices.

Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) is the future

Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS)

Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) is a comprehensive application delivery platform for easy and quick building and executing enterprise applications in the Cloud. In other words a cloud service for designing, building, deploying and managing custom business applications supporting the entire application lifecycle.

As per Gartner mentions as the key findings  in a 2016 report, that while Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) revenue is currently less than half of application platform software revenue, however aPaaS is growing at an annual rate of 18.5%, and aPaaS sales will supersede platform software sales by 2023. Also some of their recommendations are:

  • Adopt aPaaS (public or private) to help increase agility and to obtain the capabilities required for digital business. Evaluate non traditional and specialized tooling to use with aPaaS, such as high-productivity platforms, dynamic languages, event processing and in-memory computing.
  • Design all new applications to be cloud-native, irrespective of whether or not you plan to deploy them in the cloud.
  • If business drivers warrant the investment, re architect existing applications to be cloud-native and move them to aPaaS.

Organizations use hpaPaaS for building mainly employee-facing business and productivity applications since these platforms are typically less appropriate for customer-facing applications.

ACP is a High-productivity aPaaS (hpaPaaS) which means that supports a no-code or declarative development, model-driven development model that enables professional and citizen developers to rapidly build and deploy cloud-native applications.

Aeegle Cloud Platform completely hides the infrastructure below the application runtime.

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Reduce the overhead and failure risk with Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture

Serverless is the most recent Cloud Computing modality and has PaaS as its foundations, also known as Functions as a service (FaaS) or even *aaS, it is a term associated to application architectures in which there are no servers, the code resides in applications’s architectures provided and managed by specialized providers, simplifying the life your corporate IT.

Among the key benefits we will find in a Serverless architecture are:

  • Complexity Reduction: Infrastructure creation and management is done by the provider.
  • Enhanced security and business continuity: By using providers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft meets highest level of security and scalability standards
  • High availability and scalability: World class providers that guarantee the highest scalability standards
  • Cost reduction: In a serverless infrastructure the code at rest is not billed, charges only apply when calls are made and functions related to that code run.

Aeegle Cloud Platform runs in a 100% Serverless infrastructure, meaning that infrastructure availability and scalability is 100% delegated to Google, our partner, who has the biggest amount of experts in the world and a world class infrastructure, reducing our overhead and failure risk.

Our serverless architecture also allow us to focus on customer support and product development, allowing us to create new features based on customers feedback, leading us to be the safest and easiest solution in the Application platform as a Service aPaaS industry.




Non IT people can now build Business Apps

Citizen Development

Citizen developers are end users who creates business applications using development and run-time environments sanctioned by corporate IT for consumption by others.

As per a reports, is almost twice expensive hire a Developer than Business analyst. That’s the reason no code or low code platforms have emerged to offer business experts, business analysts, project managers , etc, the power to create applications themselves, with this technology the days of business applications that need to be created with custom coding exclusively by developers are gone.

A Gartner report in 2015 titled Citizen Development as Fundamental to the Digital Workplace and predicts:

  • “by 2020, at least 70% of large enterprises will have established successful Citizen Development policies, up from 20% in 2010.”
  • “By 2017, we expect 25% of large enterprises will formally support a consumer tier at some level that will allow workers to develop their own personal automation and deliver experimental digital services of their own design.”

ACP brings Citizen Development to your organization, our high performance aPaas (hpaPaaS) solution will create Solution champions that will help you boost performance to your operations.

The easiest way to create business applications

Model-driven development

Model-driven development is the easiest way to create business applications or online databases, it is a natural way to abstract paper forms or spreadsheet tables into models that at the end will turn into databases tables to persist information.

At Aeegle we realize that are Citizen Developers whom will be in charge of the Digital Transformation, because they are plenty, and plenty are needed; only Developers would never make it, they couldn’t and because coders will be on what’s next: ML, BigData, IoT, Fintech, Robotic, etc, it is sexier for them to work on what’s next than transactional apps just to gather and process information.

That’s why at Aeegle we are focused to make sure that we provide end users with the easiest tools and approach to create business applications,  and model-driven development fit in that purpose because it is a natural way to turn manual forms into databases in the cloud, any actual paper form can be mapped into a model or database table, and models inter related will compose an application.

Be in the front line of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital technologies have a massive impact on all areas of a corporation, from customer experience to the way employees collaborate within an organization to enhanced productivity and improve competitivity.

A great majority of corporations and business executives see Digital Transformation as very important for their organization and they agree it would add a profound impact on their performance and on the competitive advantage but at the same time they recognize they are struggling to drive Digital Transformation properly. Some of the issues they find are:

  • Speed of execution
  • Lack of skills

Aeegle puts you in the front line of your Digital Transformation strategy, with ACP our aPaaS solution you will empower your employees to speed up the creation of digital tools (applications) they need that will provoke significant changes in the way they work and collaborate, all this without development skills.

Remember Digital transformation is mainly a business transformation and people, not technology is the most important piece in the digital transformation puzzle. If you empower people with the right tools you will impact all levels of your organization.

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