Improve efficiency eliminating manual and repetitive tasks

with Triggers, automated actions, businesses rules and webhooks

Improve your process implementing a flexible and easy to use workflow management platform
Aeegle Cloud Platform gives you the option to automate workflows and approval processes by configuring automatic actions when an event occurs. You can create unlimited workflow rules and associate them to any object or form.
Form example, notify employees when their Annual reave requests was approve, Do a case escalation rules, update the inventory system, notify help desk manager when a critical issues risen, etc.
Without compromising your security and business compliance

Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks
On ACP workflows you can configure stages, steps, transitions, conditions, notifications, etc

Talk to other external systems
Use webhooks whenever you need to put your application in conversation with hundreds of external Applications

Save time
Streamline your processes, save hours on follow ups and manual controls and faster decision making
Automate decisions with conditional triggers
Create time and actions driven triggers on object level, these triggers will execute actions when something happen under certain conditions

  • On record creation
  • On record update or delete
  • When a change is made on a specific form fields
  • Time driven triggers

Example, create the contract once the purchase order was approved 30 days after contract was approve, or 90 days before contract due date.


Use business rules and move processes
Move processes forward based on a condition.
ACP allows to set up a set of rules that are executed when specified conditions are met.

These rules automate the process of multiple workflows sending email alerts, creating new records, assigning tasks and updating certain fields of a record when a rule is triggered.


Keep your workflows moving with automated actions
Create templates and configure custom email notifications to notify or request any action from the right approver.

Notify to

  • Send emails
  • Create new records
  • Talk to any other app via Webhook
  • Update fields


Use webhooks to talk with external applications
Do you want to notify or update other systems such as your ERP, Helpdesk, Marketing, HR ?

Webhooks let you trigger actions in third-party applications every time an event occurs in Aeegle Cloud Platform. For example on creating a record, approve a request. etc

Use webhooks whenever you need to put your application in conversation with hundreds of external Applications.


Ready to reduce the chaos and boost efficiency?