Workflows and processes automation made easy

Automate any process with a flexible and easy-to-use workflow management platform

Transform manual processes into standardized and automated tasks and procedures faster than ever before
Eliminate manual processes and get your work done faster and collaboratively with ACP’s automations and database solutions for Workflow Management. You will be able to turn emails, notes and tasks into trackable, smoother and a smarter practice. As a result, your clients will get a faster and better service in processes like purchasing, request management, operations, sales, marketing, support, inventory, approval process and more.
Design workflow solutions that help you move faster and do more with less

Eliminate risk of manual errors and reduce cost of printing
ACP helps you reduce or eliminate manual processes and inherent errors, also reduce the need of printed forms that go desk by desk and result in expensive delays and files lost. With ACP you will drive the processes across the company configuring stages, steps, transitions and conditions.

Enable self-service portal access for common requests
Employees need to communicate with company generally on a daily basis, to requests resources, get their work done, requests that need approvals by managers or directors. ACP helps to automate these processes, eliminating the paperwork and streamlining your processes.

Comprehensive audit reporting of system activity
As the work flows across your company during a request, ACP stores comprehensive audit trails regarding who did what and when, generating an activity history for that process.
Build custom workflows
With ACP you can create simple or complex workflows and approval process configured by locations, groups, roles, etc such as: Customer service, IT requests approvers, production order, corporate approvers.

These roles are used later to notify and redirect the approval process


  • Configure the workflow (stages, transitions, statuses)
  • Configure email notifications when a status changes
  • Configure application, form and field level security
  • Groups / Profiles


How to configure a workflow:

Conditional workflows
Move forward based on one condition or more.

Create workflow for multiples stages and approvers. e.g, If purchase is greater than USD 50,0000.0 it will be approved by directors, otherwise by a manager. If purchase is greater than 1,000,000, then purchase will be approved by CEO


How to add collaborators in a workflow:

Notifications and mail merge
You can create templates and configure custom email notifications to notify or request any action from the right approver.
Notify to
  • One user
  • Multiple users
  • Groups, Roles
  • Record owner, Assignee
  • Among others
Audit trails
ACP keep a full edit and process history and activity log allowing you can see who did what and when.


Configure workflow notifications:

Process Improvement resources and consulting
ACP can help to improve your process and eliminate risk of manual errors.
We provide training, content, workshops and consulting to give business owners and citizen developers the skills they need to get the most out of a workflow management initiative.

Adding comments on a workflow:

Get the work done faster with ACP Workflows