Application Development with clicks, not code

Create applications in the Cloud with drag-and-drop technology

Application designer

Aeegle Cloud Platform allows you to create business applications with just a couple of clicks. Applications are made up for:

  • Forms,
  • Data views
  • Workflows
  • Notifications
  • Groups / Roles

User will be able to configure stages and notifications on a form to follow up, send notifications and grant access to the right users.


Application development in the cloud made easy

Unlimited applications
Create all applications your company needs, one application for every process and for every paper form.

Unlimited forms
Forget about excel tables, create multiple forms inside a application. These forms will capture any kind of information, text, number, images, files, dates, etc. and then can be linked to one another.

Control access level
Role based access so personnel will only have access to the applications, forms, records or fields you decide.
Form designer

Create simple or complex forms using our easy drag and drop functionality.

Design forms using a complete palette of basic and advanced components with some of these features:

  • More than one form for every application
  • Design & configure form fields, field properties, events and validations.
  • Customize grid views.
  • Edit published forms and deploy changes quickly.
  • Select the layout you desire for the form e.g: one or two columns.

Form Designer

How to create and application:

Rich Component Palette

All the components you need to build your application

ACP has a wide range of components palette that allows you to create simple or complex forms, that extract data from other application and web services.

  • Text fields.
  • Numeric fields.
  • Parent-child components.
  • Related objects components.
  • Date/Time files.
  • Lookup fields.
  • Directory fields.

Data Visualization

Robust grids allow you to search and order by columns, also with record pagination facilities.

Create custom views for each need

  • Search and filter records by Columns
  • Records pagination
  • Sort results by Columns
  • View Builder
    • Create/Edit view
    • Select columns you want to see in the new view
    • Manage visibility for the new view
    • Add filters for the new view
  • Multiple Views by table/form
  • Manage your security granting access to views by security groups, or roles.

Add Corporate Branding to all your applications

Your brand in all your applications
Define a look and feel according to your brand manual, ensure each application adheres to your corporate branding and colors.

Create Multiple Themes
With ACP you can create and use multiple themes that will be available to your Citizen Developers community.

How to change the look and feel on an app:

Import and export Data

Your database doesn’t need to start blank or from scratch.

ACP provides you with a powerful engine to import and export data from and to your applications.

All you need to get data inside your applications:

  • Preview and map information you want to import/export
  • Export formats CSV, JSON and Google Sheet.
  • Import format CSV
  • Select columns you need to export.
  • Map columns and forms fields before the migration starts

How to Import and export data on ACP:

Security Administration on Application Level

Username and password, federated authentication and also SSO with G Suite can be used to grant access to your applications with these security levels:

  • Authentication

    • ID Management
    • Google Apps SSO
    • Okta SSO
    • Session Timeout
    • Limit App Access based on IP Address
    • Configure Login Access Policies (Time based)
  • Data encryption for sensitive information


Select among different authorization levels to customize how and who will have access to the applications, forms, records or fields:

  • Authorization levels by:

    • Users, Groups
    • Object-level access
    • Field-level access for the object
    • Record-Level access
    • Web services Access

      • Tokens/Keys by Apps
    • Check and control access through complete Audit Trail reports

      • Login History
      • Field History Tracking


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