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Managed access on apps, forms, records, field level permissions

Security access administration
ACP Role based access control (RBAC) feature enables application designers to limit the permissions of some users in a group, controlling who can have access to what information. Access can be granted based on groups or roles.
Role based access allows to configure:


  • Application level permissions
  • Form level permissions
  • Field level permissions
  • Record level permissions


Setup your Security on application level

Identity Management
Ability to manage access by person, group or roles will make your security configuration easier.

User name and password, federated authentication and also SSO with G Suite can be used to grant access to your personnel.

Personnel will only have access to the applications, forms, record or fields you decide

How to add a user to collaborate on an application

Multiple Authentication methods are supported
Aeegle Cloud Platform supports multiple authentication methods including SSO with G Suite.
  • Federated authentication
  • User name and password
Federated Authentication
ACP supports Federated authentication using other SAML or identity providers such as Okta, Active Directory among others.


Roles Based Authorization
ACP provides the functionality for authorization based on role assignment. Granular Role management are available to define access level and control segregation of duties (SOD).
  • Users, Groups, Roles
  • Form-level access
  • Field-level access for the object
  • Record-Level access
  • Web services Access
  • Tokens/Keys by Apps
ACP offers the ability to customize the roles with specific read/write, read-only or no-access permissions for each feature individually.


Get detailed audit trails
ACP provides admins with the ability to get detailed trail of user activity within the Application, for example:
  • Login History
  • Field History Tracking
Data Security: Field Level Encryption
The platform has the capability for Field Level Encryption. Sensitive data fields can be encrypted on the database.


Session Management, Audit & Governance
Session Management
If a user closes the browser and after 30 mins tries again to access the application, a login is required.
Audit & Governance
ACP allows to create logs for forensic purposes, also providing App owners the ability to grant accesses with one touch role. The platform provides admins with the ability to generate reports on the roles and access of all app users across applications.


See how granular security on ACP works

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