Aeegle Cloud Platform + G Suite Just Works

Aeegle Cloud Platform is a natural step for G Suite customers on their Cloud Transformation journey, while G Suite is focused on Communications, Collaboration, Cloud Storage and Security, ACP is focused on Business Applications, Documents Management and integrations with External Systems.

ACP in addition to be built and run on top of Google Cloud Platform relaying Hardware provisioning, Data security, high availability in Google’s cloud, ACP has several integrations with G Suite integrations such as:

  • Single-Sign-On with Google Cloud Identity
  • G Suite Marketplace
  • Google profile and Directory
  • Google Drive: Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Contacts
  • Google Analytics and other more advanced Integrations such as:
  • Google Data Studio and Google Cloud Functions.
In this Webinar we will do a overview across the different integration with G Suite.

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